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Retirement-from-sport considerations following pediatric sports-related concussion: case illustrations and institutional approach The decision to advise an athlete to retire from sports following sports-related concussion (SRC) remains a persistent challenge for physicians. In the absence of strong empirical evidence to support recommendations, clinical decision making must be individualized and should involve a multidisciplinary team of experts in concussion and traumatic brain injury. In this article, the authors use multiple case illustrations to discuss 3 subgroups of clinical considerations for sports retirement among pediatric SRC patients.

Evidence for Acute Electrophysiological and Cognitive Changes following Routine Soccer Heading There is growing concern around the effects of concussion and sub-concussive impacts in sport. Routine game-play in soccer involves intentional and repeated head impacts through ball heading. Although heading is frequently cited as a risk to brain health, little data exist regarding the consequences of this activity.This study aims to assess the immediate outcomes of routine football heading using direct and sensitive measures of brain function.

Arbogast Point of Health Care Entry for Youth With Concussion.The findings suggest estimates of concussion incidence based solely on ED visits underestimate the burden of injury, highlight the importance of the primary care setting in concussion care management, and demonstrate the potential for EHR systems to advance research in this area

Reynolds Neurosurgery 2014: Establishing a Clinical Service for the Management of Sports-Related Concussions

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