Build Your Team


Step 1: Adopt school concussion management policy and post on website

Step 2: Form your Concussion Management Team

Step 3: Post educational links on website

Step 4: School Policy requires that Physician (Form A) and/or Athletic Trainer (ATC form) notify school nurse                                                                                                                                       of child’s injury upon re-entry: 

Step 5: Confirm receipt of parental permission to share information: (use your schools release form)

Step 6: Nurse emails Academic Monitor and all teachers/gym/athletics/substitutes

Step 7: Teachers immediately designate which assignments will need to be made up, which will be graded, and which will not be graded (daily/weekly basis); may include: (Form F)

  • Assignments are reduced to core concepts
  • Audio books are suggested if available (free Public Library audiobooks on “Overdrive”)
  • Math is reduced to every other problem if possible

Step 8: Academic monitor checks in with child while at home and relays class requirements to student (Form I)

Step 9: Upon school re-entry, child and parent meet first with nurse

Step 10: Nurse re-evaluates student within 1-2 days of re-entry; then again at the end of first week (Form J)

Step 11: Academic monitor checks with teachers within 1-2 days of re-entry, then again at the end of first week (Form I)

Step 12: Nurse and Academic monitors meet within 1-2 days of re-entry; consult with physician, and make any necessary adjustments to school environment and academic plan; repeat at end of first week, and then weekly through recovery (Click for resources)

Step 13: Nurse sends physician weekly progress notes (Form G and Form J); physician sends nurse follow-ups of visits (Form H when cleared)

Step 14: Aerobic activities (sub-symptom exercise therapy) when allowed by physician; Supervised Return To Play Protocol when allowed by physician and cleared by CMT Academic Monitor (Form K)

Step 15: If student has not recovered within 1 month, school team meets to evaluate for more detailed academic adjustments or modifications (504 or IEP)